Monday, December 5, 2011

Reindeer and Christmas Trees

My thought this year is that Austin may not do so well with sitting on Santa's lap. He is not a huge fan of strange people right now but certainly he seems fearless when it comes to animals. When I found out real live reindeer would be at Frederick Meijer Gardens, I was all about it! They said they would be available for pictures and petting, so I thought maybe I'd get some great pics of Austin and the reindeer.........or not so much. The reindeer decided to be really lazy, just sit on their butts, and do nothing.
Which is ok, because there was plenty of other wonderful things to see and check out! Like all the trains making noise and going under the plants and over our heads.

I can't believe how many orchards there were, but THEN to see them in chandelier form!? Just gorgeous!
And unique...
We made sure to stop and get plenty of pictures with the trees while taking our turn passing Austin around
I think Grandma and Grandpa had just as much fun as Austin did....

What's better than taking a break to bang on the window overlooking the sculpture park (it rained so we stayed indoors)
It was hard to hold Austin back as he wanted to touch each and every tree
And we ended the tour of the trees with a break in the cafeteria....and since they were fresh out of cookies, we bought Austin a brownie. He couldn't have been happier! The dimples came out with each and every bite along with all the sounds of something yummy......"mmmmmmm".....

I can't wait to bring him back when the butterflies are in bloom!

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