Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 Here We Come!

2011 was definitely packed with tons of amazing memories. Most of them having to do with Austin and all the "Firsts" that he got to experience from Birth to One year. I hesitate to approach 2012 but know that it too will have amazing moments and memories to go along with all the tough times that are to come.

The build has just begun and is already in the framing stage but I know that it will take up lots of Jason's time as he helps with getting it finished by the end of the summer. Not looking forward to moving all of our stuff one more time but at least this time, we are only moving 10 minutes away from our current residence AND we at least have a plan that we'd like to stay in this house for 15+ years. So knowing that I don't have to move again, or at least thinking that, makes me feel as if this move won't be anything but exciting!

Ava has already tried to sneak into this world early and we are thanking the Lord everyday that she stays put and continues to grow in my belly. It will be her turn to show us all the fun "Firsts" all over again, and yet Austin will be growing into a toddler already and how exciting that will be as well.

I can finally get comfortable in my new surgical job in oncology since just as I thought things were going smoothly, I was put on bedrest with Ava, and even if I get sent back to work soon, I will be having her in the next 8 weeks with a maternity leave, so I'll be M.I.A. at work once again.

So much to anticipate and yet the lesson I am learning with bedrest is that I truly can only take it One Day At A Time.

On this current day, I had the pleasure of watching my parents and Austin play around, which gave us all tons of laughs! Seeing Austin continue to learn how to walk on his own as he takes more and more steps everyday keeps us yelling 'YAY Austin' and clapping to give him praise, as he loves that part the most!


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