Saturday, November 12, 2011

One Year

Hard to believe it was this time last year when I was joking about going for a long walk after Thanksgiving dinner because I just knew that that was the weekend Austin was going to come into the world. But he chose differently and decided to come 4 weeks early and with no problem at all. He was 6 lbs 8 oz and ready to be around for ALL of the holiday season. I was so shocked since I had just had my last baby shower 1 week prior and had just barely put everything away. He doesn't stop suprising me one bit.
Austin has been getting into anything and everything and I can't imagine how much that will change more once he can walk around. One of my favorite things he does right now is climb into your lap if you are eating something. Jason and I are often eating on the floor since we love to be down on Austin's level and he crawls right over with the cutest smirk on his face and starts to work his way up your body so his face is level with your face. He loves food!! He's almost to the point where baby food no longer interests him. But why would it? Regular food has so many fun textures!
He loves to play peek-a-boo around every corner. He loves to stand and stare out the slider doors and bang his hands on the windows.
He still tries to climb onto Lily whenever she is sitting nearby and she is actually getting a little more tolerable of Austin's pulls and tugs.
He is still sleeping from 6:30p to 6:15a as that is the time I get him up to get ready for school. We have him enrolled in a wonderful daycare center right next to St. Mary's which is so convenient for me. They even send me cute text messages and pictures of him making messes or playing around. It makes me really want to be able to figure out the budget to put both of our children there because how could I remove Austin from something he loves.
It's been nice that Austin has stuck in 18 month clothing for a while. I felt like I was always buying clothes for him, although I still do just not on an urgent basis!

He loves his board books but right now would rather eat them or flip through the pages on his own, he only lets you read the Goodnight Moon book all the way through on some days.
He's a terror when it comes to changing his diaper. We always need to save the good toys for when it's time to change him so that he gets really interested in something or he'll be running away butt naked.....

His birthday party is around the corner at the end of next week......once the boys get back from deer hunting....and it's going to be one Hoppin' Party.......(hint for the frog-themed 1st Birthday Party!)

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