Sunday, November 6, 2011

Birthday Kiss

Today Austin and I were able to go celebrate Mirabella's 1st birthday. Mira's mom Rachel and I grew up going to church together, spending weekends together, and even attending each other's family vacations. It was so special to become pregnant together and share and exchange pregnancy advice. It seems like just yesterday I was attending her baby shower and comparing baby bumps. Rachel went two weeks early with Mira and with Austin coming 4 weeks early, our little ones turned out to be only a few weeks apart. Crazy that we get to share baby advice and comments but even though they are so close, they are so different. Mira is already walking around and has more faces for likes and dislikes than any baby I know. Just adorable!

They played well together and not so well together when Mira started climbing Austin and pulling at his shirt collar. Even though she started the kissing game first, I was lucky to grab this cute shot of Austin returning the favor.....

Happy Birthday Mirabella! Can't wait to watch you and Austin grow together (while Rachel and I secretly plan their wedding!).

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