Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hoppy 1st Birthday Party

There was something about this birthday party that was teaching us all (mostly my mother and I) that we needed to learn some patience. First our baker became ill with the flu, so we frantically found a new one last minute, then my dad came down with something flu-like that made us change location last minute.....then there was also the fact that Austin was being a terror when it came time to take a nap at my Aunt's house, but amidst all of that, we overcame it with no problem and had a wonderful birthday party!

Everyone was asking me 'why the frog theme?' but there was no real answer. He got quite a few frog and turtle toys when he was a newborn and I guess it stuck with us. Then it seemed that anything that was frog-like when it came time to preparing for his 1st birthday party, just hopped out at me.
We found a picture of an invite on Etsy and decided to re-create rather than just order it. We had fun making the invites but as you can tell, with deer hunting season and Jason's national guard, we had to change the date.
The cake was another find online but recreated by Ida's
I had to get quite a few photos because the cake and cupcakes were just adorable!!

My mom has made cake pops in the past, but since the taste isn't worth all that sweat, she made rice krispie pops! She displayed them on this tree 'o frogs!


Some more decorations.....

When Austin was in somewhat of a good mood.....we jumped outside for a quick photo-op! I had saw these cute photos somewhere and couldn't wait to try and I made a collage but am hoping to find a three-photo picture frame to hang up for the next year.....

Austin loved playing with "O" the most, but Grandma helped him find the other letters just as interesting too!
Daddy and Birthday Boy
Back inside and after a horrendous time trying to get Austin to nap for a 2nd time that day....It was time to open presents. My family even got in on the theme and had found frog birthday cards!
After Austin enjoyed the balloons and cards and could have cared less about the presents, it was time to let Austin loose once again with some cake....and he didn't disappoint......
Look at those cute little hands all covered in blue and green frosting....

Love this cake covered face! I'd say his birthday party was one big success and this face proves it.
Can't believe the 1 year mark has come and gone so fast........


  1. I love all of the details! It's always so frustrating when things don't go as planned after all of your sweat and tears. Did you get a new lens? Your pictures look awesome. I love the blurry vs. in focus effect. I love the O-N-E idea, and the genuine article himself.

  2. I tried to use my larger lens for a change but you have to be so far away! I still haven't "edited" any photos so I need some help in that area!


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