Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Build: Lot Number 62

This is the beginning of a whole new subset of blog posts......The Build. We are so excited to finally have purchased a lot, specifically lot number 62, in Providence Lake located in Byron Center.

We officially paid for the lot, which means our savings is sitting right here in this pile of dirt. But this pile of dirt will become the place we call home for hopefully a very long time. We are actually closing on our Ira house in Kalamazoo at the same time, so we couldn't feel more joy that we have been so blessed to sell one home and get started building another.
We are working on the house plans with an architect but are getting close to the finished product. Even though we recently saw snow for the first time this season this past week, we are still confident it's possible to get started with the build before it's too late. Our plans have to be approved by the association once we are satisfied and then we can get all the permits set and ready to break ground.

Here are the boys looking at our lake front property.......never did I imagine we would be living on a lake, yet alone in a  beautiful neighborhood that everyone has assured us is full of friendly families and lots of kids.

Here goes nothing......and at the same time...everything. The ups and downs, joys and pitfalls of building our dream home.

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