Sunday, September 4, 2011

True Labor Day

Getting the house ready for sale is bringing out all sorts of last minute projects.

At one point in time, we had a patio in the backyard. I don't even really remember it was this big because we had a very small dirt floor garage next to it that was damaged by a tornado. When the garage came down to make room for a two-stall garage, it was tore up and a very small amount was left.

 The dirt that you see with a few patio stones in squares, is all that was left for years of that original patio. It was more of a walkway for Lily to go into the backyard if anything.
 So Labor Day weekend brought in some true labor from Jason and my parents to re-make a patio and also to dress up the foundation of the back porch.  We had bought some very good exterior paint to match the siding when we first moved in which we used to paint the cement blocks. So we still are going to paint the larger cement blocks at the bottom of the porch and also finish up this patio, and we will be closer to ending this project.
 We continued the landscaping blocks around the corner. Looking good so far.......
I hope we have as good of luck with selling our house as we have heard so many friends have lately. These last touches are always nice but you definitely start realizing how nice they would have been earlier. Yet....when have we had time to do these things amongst the millions of other projects!?

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