Sunday, September 4, 2011

Beep Beep Here Comes Austin

My mom and I had all intentions to go to Buy Buy Baby just to buy a swing. We had noticied one of her neighbors had a little tykes swing hanging from one of their trees and we were immediately green. We had to have one! Austin has been enjoying swinging at the park so much that we thought having one in my parents backyard was a must. I also wanted to check out cars for Austin's 1st Birthday (only two more months!).

My mom started pulling cars down off the shelves and Austin's face lit up like I have never seen. We set him in a few different choices but ultimately there was one that seemed perfect. I was ready to check out and asked Austin if he was ready to get out, and of course he gave me that look like "I am never getting out!".

So we left Buy Buy Baby with a swing AND a new car (early birthday present?) and we kept repeating, "we are in so much trouble!".

The trouble was not nearly as bad as we thought with the husbands AND these pictures don't even begin to describe his happiness......

little tykes car = priceless Austin smiles

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