Monday, September 26, 2011

I won't miss...But I will

I can't believe we are leaving this house. In just a few short days, we are planning to have most of our things moved and stored, with leaving some things behind for staging. Year after year, I have complained about this old house or the neighborhood and how badly I wanted to move. Now the time has come, and I really don't want to leave. This house has become our home and we cringe when we think of the steal the next home owners are going to get when they purchase this place. We have created more memories here than I can count and I couldn't be more happier that we did.

I won't miss those loud and old creeky wood floors that would wake up Austin in the middle of the night at times when Jason had to go down the hall to the bathroom....But I will miss the character they brought to the home considering they are beautifully original.

I won't miss the crazy neighbors that filled their itty bitty front yard with oversized and loud inflatables at Christmas time but I will miss the laughs we get from our friends and family when we tell them the wild stories of our plans to deflate them all.

I won't miss the closed off layout where even our living room has 4 entries to it, but I will miss the coziness the room has when we squeeze 20+ friends or family in to fulfill our entertaining desire.

I won't miss the scary Michigan poured basement that has large black crickets and spider webs galore, but I will miss having all that space dedicated just for storage and all our accumulating junk.

I won't miss the small backyard with the chain link fence and the larger than life tree that sheds branches on a daily basis, but I will miss the landscaping we have, with the ever so lovely smelling peonies, the beautiful deep blue/purple hydrangeas, and all the grasses that Jason just had to plant to fill in the empty spaces.

I won't miss this crazy old house but in truth, I will have my arms and legs held out, and someone will have to push me through the doors in order for me to leave. I will miss this place more than words can describe, but I know how many memories we have yet to make in Grand Rapids and this is just one more stepping stone in our lives.

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  1. This post made my heart break for you! I know that I will have those same gut-wrenching feelings when we move out of our first house. You have put so much blood, sweat, and tears into your home! Maybe you can blame your bittersweet emotions on those pregnancy hormones. I hope the transition goes smoothly and you always have fond memories of 922 Ira Ave.


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