Monday, September 5, 2011

Our Growing Family

I would lie if I didn't say how stressed all these changes we are going through are making me feel. I am finishing things up at my current job in the next three weeks, all while trying to get mentally prepared to start a completely different field of medicine. That's the beauty of being a physician assistant. You can start in Neurosurgery, touching brains in the OR and rushing to the ER everytime you hear a helicopter for a trauma, only to end up switching to whatever speciality sparks your interest. In my case, I am switching to surgical oncology. It only makes sense to combine my passion for the OR with my compassion for treating patients and their families that have to deal with cancer. Neurosurgery has its fair share of brain cancer patients, which led me to sit down with families and have to say the big "C" word to them for the very first time. Brain cancer unless a benign meningioma, usually doesn't have the best prognosis. Most often my patients or their families would tell me what a great job I did explaining everything and thanking me for the time I took to sit down and answer all their questions. I knew that God was drawing me to something more. I can only hope this new position is everything that I dream it to be.

On top of a new job, imagining building a new house (our latest decision on the big house hunt) while time ticks closer to the birth of our second child plays a number on my mind. I have a daily reminder that I need to find a daycare for Austin AND find a place for us to rent in Byron Center near the build.

I am so thankful that I have a motivated and handy hubby that has never given up believing that everything will work out. We have both been wanting to pull out our hair as we sit down each night having that same conversation about what to do about a house. We recently talked to a builder who has lots that we are interested in as well as quotes and ideas that are right up our alley.

In the madness of this all, I have to remember how exciting this all is. Building our dream house is only an option at this point in our lives. We have spent 5 years living in this house to save money and I certainly wasn't convinced that we should spend it all on renovation unless the right house came along. We had trouble finding a house that had the right 'bones' in order to make that dream house in the end.

Time to start a new job that I will fall in love with, build a house that I have been dreaming of for years, and continue to be amazed with my growing family that keeps me smiling and laughing amongst it all.

 What would life be life without my boys? I don't even want to imagine!
So here goes nothing, there's no time to dip my toe in the cold water, I just need to jump in and Trust in Him.

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  1. Handling one of these things alone would make me stressed out. I can't believe you haven't had a mental breakdown yet! Is that a little bump I see? So cute!


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