Saturday, August 6, 2011


Last weekend, there were many things for me to do in Grand Rapids, so I decided to spend the weekend there. I was also trying to help Jason by getting out of the house so he could work on it, since we are planning on putting it up for sale soon. Little did I know that he was planning on re-doing the downstairs bath!! I shouldn't be suprised that when you leave my husband alone for a whole weekend, there's bound to be some destruction.

Here's a sneak peak as to why Austin and I have had to improvize without our only bathtub...
 Posting to come on the bathroom re-do......but for now, here's our only bathtub option left...the sink!
 Austin doesn't seem to mind bathing in the sink....but apparently he needs to make sure these Aveeno products are all natural!

Hopefully we can hop back in the bathtub soon with all those fun toys......but for now, this will do!

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