Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bathroom Re-do

A weekend alone for my husband usually makes his wheels turn and before you know it, a space that you thought was fine, no longer is. The hard part is living through the mess but the best part is the end result. I know that my mind can let the worry float out the window because even though Jason has no concept of cleaning up during his projects, I know that in the end, the mess will get cleaned up and the space will be beautiful!

Jason's original intentions were to take up the linoleum floor in our downstairs bath to replace with tile, but that took a turn for the worse when he found a leak behind the surround part of the shower.

There aren't any 'before' pictures of the bathroom really since it was a small space to begin with. Just a pedestal sink, toilet, medicine cabinet with mirror, and a full bathtub/shower is about it. We didn't have a vent fan so the walls always became sweaty when you showered. We also had an old window above the sink that Jason was always saying he was going to get rid of.

So here's as much 'before' as I can get....the door has been removed and at least you can get a glimpse of the small space.
 Jason had to tear off the surround from the wall and decided, heck, why not tile to the top of the ceiling....
 I love the detail work that he puts into his projects. He made sure to measure all my shampoo/conditioner bottles to make sure they'd fit in the custom made shelving.
 He knew in order to expand the space, he'd have to get rid of the window in the dining space. It's a shame to take out a window but there are already three small windows lined up in the dining space, on the wall next to this one. Oh, and who doesn't love those old homes with slats? Ok, no hands are raised over here.
 The plan was to get rid of the old window you can see in the bathroom and create just a small one along the top of the ceiling.
 The wall has been expanded and drywall is starting to go up
 Out came the old window and now Jason is starting to put up the little one at the top.  I wasn't the happiest camper throughout all of this, as Jason was working on it 24/7, but when I turned my head and saw his poking through the wall, I got a well needed laugh.
 In goes the insulation.....
 And now the space has been drywalled and mudded for the most part. He also is adding in the well needed vent.
 Drywalling the outside wall and just has to cut a space for the door
 And here is where we are at so far. A place for the door has been cut and the outside is drywalled and mostly mudded. Thankfully, my parents came to visit yesterday and were a huge help in the 'clean-up' process.
It'll be nice to see the difference this all made to the small bath as it comes along. Funny how a project that started as a linoleum replacement, turns into a complete renovation. Hard to believe that the owners of this house after us, are going to get such a steal. As much as I have complained about living here, I have truly come to love this house and all the custom changes we have made to turn it into our home.  Stay tuned for more on the bathroom re-do as Jason tackles getting this done so we can finish up the rest of the house to put up for sale.

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