Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bathroom Re-do Update we come! The past few days have led to many changes already taking place as the bathroom is starting to come back together again.

Last time we left off, we were drywalled without a door.  But now......A door has been installed with of course some custom MDF trim work.
 Here is a look into the bathroom with the columns Jason built around the shower corners. Not only did it hide the edge of the tile, but gave the bathroom it's own unique look. The medicine cabinet was removed as it was old and had lights on it, which are no longer needed.
 Ahhh, the parents never cease to show up on painting day! Thank the Lord for their much needed rolling and edging. The dining room is starting to look back to normal again.
 One last peak at the room with the linoleum flooring and some old hardwood underneath the laminate wood flooring that was removed to expand the bathroom.
 Here are the columns painted a fresh white.....I like!!
 Jason took out the linoleum and put down durock so that he can tile the floor.
 And there's me in my scrubs taking a pic of the new medicine cabinet. Jason wasn't sure he was going to put one in there, but with the lack of storage in this bathroom, it really is a must. I love that we have a pedestal sink in this bathroom and I wouldn't trade that due to spacing to add in storage underneath.
 Underneath the cute little window will be a mirror above the pedestal sink. And of course the porcelain bowl still needs to come back in to the far corner.
 As if this little bath didn't have enough custom features, Jason just had to add something more into the ceiling. The light and vent fan combination work well in this bath, but is accented by MDF crossbeams painted white. We have seen many custom built master bedroom ceilings that have us drooling for our own......but who says you can't do the same anywhere else in a house?
Jason is on a roll tonight and is already cutting the floor tile, so I can imagine a new posting won't be far away. All the little cuts surrounding the plumbing is going to take quite some time in such a small bath, but we are encouraged to finish this up so we can put our house on the market.

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