Monday, August 22, 2011

Bathroom Re-do: Finished Product

 Ahhhh, feels so good to say the bathroom is now finished! Just waiting for the caulk to be fully adhered so that we can starting showering back in this bathroom again. Jason tiled the floor to match the shower.

Jason started grouting and with each layer of that, came grunting. It must be a lot harder than it looks on TV cause I think the grouting and grunting were going hand in hand.
 Sneak peak into the bathroom with the sink put back in with a new mirror placed above.

 Here's a look at the same area from inside the shower.
 A wider look into the bathroom with the toilet, towel rack, and frame of Austin all back in place. The towel rack now has room to be in between the sink and the toilet.
 A look into the back part of the shower with the custom shelving.
 Front part of the shower, grouted and ready for use very shortly!

So happy to have my shower and tub back AND with a bigger space. Who knows how long we'll be able to enjoy this new space since we are looking to put our house up for sale in just a few weeks but since we use this bathroom the most, it'll be so nice to endure every bit of it for now.

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