Sunday, June 12, 2011

Finished Products of the Dining Room

I can't believe the dining room has been transformed and yet I didn't think there was so much to change in the first place.

Jason has been busy at training and has been working on the dining room at every change he gets. It was great timing to finish it all since we just had a whole bunch of family over for Austin's baptism.

For some reason I just can't quite get the lighting to cooperate no matter what settings I have....still so much to learn about this camera even when I think I have a few things mastered!

 No Before and After on this one. I never got a picture of the window with nothing underneath but I also didn't imagine Jason could add this bench and storage area here.
Not sure what Jason has in store for his next project but maybe it'll be a lot of small detail since we hope to sell this year if possible. I have said that the past two years so who knows when we will sell. Jason and I have a running joke that we will move in another 5 years, but at least we can laugh about it!

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