Wednesday, June 8, 2011

7 months

My precious little boy is getting more fun as the days go on. It could bring tears to my eyes just thinking about how much love I have for him, and yet how much love I know he has for me. He starts to whine when I leave the room, which usually has me bringing him from room to room just so he can see what I am doing. There isn't anything I don't do that makes him laugh. I just love that little giggle, it's the best! Sometimes I can even just look at him a certain way and he thinks I am such a comedian.

I love getting right down close to his face and going over sounds with him. He watches me so closely and concentrates when I repeat "ba", "ma" and "da" to him. It's so cute to watch him try so hard to make those sounds, although he is pretty good at puffing his cheeks and repeating the "buh" sound. He loves to play with and touch my face, which I love too, except that he's a pretty good pincher, ouch!

One of Austin's favorite games to play by himself is peek-a-boo. Anytime Austin is left on the floor with a rag or burp cloth in his reach, he places it over his face and flails his arms and legs. He then removes the cloth and moments later places it right back over his face, only to flail again. He does this over and over again! So glad that something so simple can amuze him so much.

In preparation for swim classes when he turns 8 months, we have been introducing Austin to water at every chance. He loves to splash and is suprised each and every time he splashes himself in the face.  He happens to splash everyone else around him at the same time.....

Such a cute little water baby!
I'm mesmorized by these chubby little fingers, and those chubby little cheeks, those beautiful blue eyes and bright blonde hair......

It's so sweet to see the love between Austin and my parents. We try and spend  at least once a week with them and yet it still seems too long sometimes after just a week has gone by. Austin enjoys rough housing with my Dad as he rolls Austin back and forth and all around on the ground. Austin also loves the billions of kisses that Grandma gives nonstop!
Austin is rolling around all over the place now and sits up mostly on his own but topples over from time to time. He is more fun as the days go on as he interracts more and giggles so often now! But seriously, if Austin could just stop growing, then my bank account could grow as I could stop buying more clothes! Glad this little guy continues to show that 1 month early makes no difference!

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  1. Awww! Adorable pics of Austin Abby :) He is such a cutie and I bet hearing him giggle is the best!


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