Sunday, June 19, 2011


There are only so many days in the Michigan summer that you get to spend outside with low humidity. Those days are the best to sit outside, even if it means doing absolutely nothing. I got to spend a short time outside with Austin today, in the middle of my on-call day. When I am on-call, I have to round on all the patients in the hospital, as well as ER admits and in-hospital consults. BUT, if I am lucky enough to go home when I am done doing those, then I sit around and take calls, and pray I don't get called back in. So I spend most of the day sticking close to home in fear that if I go somewhere, that will be the moment that my pager goes off for an urgent trauma. Needless to say, I got to spend the beautiful day sitting around with Austin, just enjoying the summer breeze.

This is what I get to come home to after a long day at work, and it sure does make me the happiest person on earth...

 Austin has been sitting up on his own and absolutely loving it! His frustration kicks in when he sees his feet and then bends in half in order to put them in his mouth. Most of the time, that plops him right over onto his side, which doesn't bother him too much.....except for tonight when he did that in the bath and got a face full of water!
 His curiosity is running wild! There isn't anything he doesn't want to grab with his little chubby fingers.
 But lately, all he does is airplane. He doesn't have an interest in getting up on his knees, or at least he hasn't quite figured that out yet. If you put him on his back, he rolls right over as if there is no better place than on his tummy. I am just fine with him stuck in one place for now since our house is nowhere near baby proof.
We'll see how long this airplane lasts until it starts flying/running away!

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