Monday, May 2, 2011

One Big Bath

This past weekend, we went over to Ann Arbor to meet up with relatives as our nephew is having a surgery at U of M. Even though we were only meeting up with them on Sunday, it was an excellent excuse to get a nice hotel and spend the night. I was giddy with excitement as Jason was booking the hotel because it had a pool! This meant we could use the pool floaty I already bought in getting ready for summer.....if that season ever gets here. It also meant we could put Austin in his new swim outfit he got in his Easter basket from Aunt Carol.

We had shopped all day at malls and outlets, so I think the experience may have been slightly different if Austin weren't so tired. If he were to be a super hero during this time, his name would have been "Super No-Emotions Baby". He wasn't upset that he was in the pool.....yet he wasn't thrilled about it either.

Can't you just see the immense thrill of the pool in his face?

I was definitely having way more fun than Austin, so I got out and let Jason play around with the little noodle for a while. I am sure to Austin this felt like one big bath, but at least at home he splashes around a little!

This one is by far my favorite...Austin looks like he is having fun floating around with Daddy....finally.
I am sure this summer we will get many opportunities to turn him into a little water baby at the beach and at the pool. Can't wait to watch him splash around then!

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