Saturday, May 14, 2011

6 months

Say it ain't so!? My little boy is halfway to his first birthday!! I can't believe it myself.

For some reason, I was waiting and waiting to start giving Austin food other than cereal. I guess I was just nervous to try something new. He of course didn't suprise me one bit by eating the food as if he has been having it for months. My mom came over to help me make some baby food. We made applesauce and sweet potatoes and Austin sure does like them both! It's funny to watch all the different faces he makes as he eats this new and interesting substance.

He isn't sitting up all by himself yet, but there isn't a time when I try to hold Austin in my arms where he doesn't lift his head as if to try and sit up.  And all this sitting up sure does produce a lot of drool! It was nice to have a break from teething over the past month but it is back with vengeance once again. This time around Austin is at least better at grabbing things to bring to his mouth, like that beloved giraffe, Sophie. You can hear the rubber against his gums as he bites so hard to help relieve the discomfort. Although she is an expensive little giraffe, she is worth it to me, since Austin loves her to bits and pieces. Lately, the blocks have also caught Austin's attention as he tries to pick these up and bite on them as well.

Many times when Jason is working on a project, Austin and I will sit in a chair and watch him work even with the loud noises of drills and nailguns. And yet at the same time, Austin is the only baby I know that can sleep through that type of construction.
On most days, I am the first person for Austin to see when he wakes up and the last person he sees as I put him to bed. I rock him and sing to him which is one of my favorite times of the day. And even though I get smiles at each of these times, nothing is as precious as the smiles he gives Jason. These are smiles of excitment and joy, to see even a glimpse of Jason passing through a room.
This boy sure does love to splash around! The baby bath has long been abandoned not only due to Austin's size, but his love to splash and play without being confined. Even this bath tub isn't big enough for this big boy. He swings his arms around so hard, sometimes I worry the people at daycare will wonder what I am doing to this child, since he doesn't seem to mind banging around in the tub.
Today, my mom asked me if I rememberd what life was like 6 months ago, and to tell you the truth, I do, but it didn't have quite the significance. He makes it all worth it.


  1. 6 months?!?! I love reading this updates on Austin since I am so far away :) He is getting so big and he is just so cute! I can't imagine how much life has changed for you in those 6 months, it is wonderful seeing how much joy Austin has brought to your life :) miss you!

  2. Wow - 6 months has flown by! You are doing such a good job being a Mommy! I also love your blogs, and you will be so thankful for them. Thanks for sharing your precious miracle! He is absolutely gorgeous! I love his light brown/blond hair:) xoxox!


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