Friday, April 29, 2011

Another Day, Another Built-in

Jason had the itch to get back to house projects after taking a long break once Austin was born. He has been wanting cut apart the desk in our dining room so it wouldn't take up so much space, and then add to the top for a more custom look.

Here is the portion Jason made to go on top of the desk, utilizing his favorite....MDF.

The old desk was cut down in size so that the drawers would still fit to the back, but now it takes up half the space.
 Added beadboard backing of course!
 Here's a side view of the beadboard and framing
And here is where it stands so far after being primed
Jason wants to add some doors to the shelving cupboards in case not everything was organzied beautifully at times, so we'll see how those turn out......looks like another area for a good craft corner to me (wink wink). Jason is probably cringing at that statement, but maybe that means the other built-in in the guest bedroom can return to its original purpose which was for Jason's housing books and what not.........stay-tuned!!


  1. Do you have another built in on the right side wall? In the 4th picture down it looks like there is another part there? Or am I confused? Was the desk a store bought one that you just added onto? Looks really nice, like it was always meant to be there!

  2. Does Jason ever screw up a construction project? No one should be that talented, especially with no formal training...J/K Just envious. Matt. BTW when are you moving back to GR?

  3. The desk was one I got when I moved from my apartment to our house in came free with purchase of our dining room table. The other built-in you see is going to be a seperate blog which is a bench with piano hinge for more storage!! I shouldn't be suprised you picked that up Carla, you've got a good eye!

    FLannigans, hopefully we will move back to GR by the time you get back!

  4. Oooo I can't for that post, I almost wish you guys had posted that before we did our radiator bench, it would have been interesting to see one with hinges for access. Can't wait to see it :)


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