Thursday, February 2, 2017

Wrestling 101

Austin has met some pretty awesome kids in the neighborhood and at school. Often influencing his want/desire to hop in and try a sport. I won't forget those first few days of school where Austin used to cling to me when I dropped him off in the before school program. A boy older than Austin came up to him and called him by name and asked him to play. I was so impressed. Such a polite kid. I then found out he lived in our neighborhood and then stalked his Mom one day to tell her how well mannered and wonderful her boys were. I'm pretty sure I caught her off guard so early in the morning with a crazy Mom like me jumping in her way, but more often than not should we point out  those amazing things that happen at school. Especially since Austin continues to look up to these boys. Sure enough, their dad is the wrestling coach for Byron Center.

I didn't really believe Austin when he said he wanted to do wrestling. I don't know anything about wrestling but I clearly wasn't looking at Austin in the right light. I thought 'Austin, you are pretty shy when it comes to sports and you're not a big kid'. This sport is one on one, you can't fall back like in soccer when you just watched the mob of kids run around the field. And even though I thought T-ball might be the best option, he enjoyed it, but couldn't wait till the season was over.

Austin waved the wrestling form in my face when it came home from school and I reluctantly signed him up, reminding him he needed to follow through no matter what.

Two practices a week has been keeping us busy for the past few months. Austin had his first scrimmage a few weeks ago and wrestled one of his friends that he practices with often. The boys had to go first in front of the crowd of one other school and our own. Austin won. I was surprised honestly. He scored the most points of anyone that night against an opponent. Then comes the Novice Tournament last weekend. Austin was up for three matches.

Here he is beaming before his first match.

I got down there and tried to take some video but clearly wasn't paying attention to where my phone was pointed as it often was videoing the mat :)       I was screaming and repeating everything Jason was saying since I am still behind on the wrestling lingo. The last I looked, the score was 18-2 and Austin won!

2nd match Austin was set up to go against one of the coaches sons from our own team. I was incredibly nervous since this kid clearly knew more 'moves' than Austin. Austin is determined to get kids over and on their backs, but I kept thinking Austin needs more moves in his back pocket. Sure enough, Austin won his 2nd match.

Austins third match was against a kid a little bigger than him who put up a good fight. I have video of that and he ends up pinning him and winning. 3/3 matches just like that !! So stinkin proud of this kid!

Here is Austin with his first medal!
 Jason inscribed all the details on the back. Austin wore the medal to church the next morning and would tell anyone that looked in his direction about how he is undefeated.

I am so thankful for Austin's determination. Thankful for the young boys that were so kind when they could have left Austin alone during those first few days of school. Thankful for good coaches who devote their own time and energy into the lives of our young people. Thankful that Austin knew that he was also able to win because he has Jesus in  his heart, as he put it. Looking forward to the rest of the season. Oh and Austin did learn more fact, he has put me in a half Nelson about 20 times since last weekend!!

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