Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Lola the Pug

After 12 beautiful years with our last pug Lily, we knew there would be nothing that could replace such a wonderful part of our lives. We lost her in February and it took me until December to be begging Jason daily for another pug in our lives! One day, I asked him, and he said 'maybe, if it works out' and sure enough I had been looking and found something right away. Yes, pretty much the same day. I knew that I wanted to get a girl again and with how similar fawn pugs look, I knew that I wanted to try to get a black one. Sure enough, the litter that was born about an hour and a half from our house had just ONE puppy left that wasn't claimed, at already 5 weeks old. It was a black female. I call it fate. Jason calls it....well he just plain out hates having a puppy.

I remind him that when I got Lily, it was right before he left for his tour over seas. 15 1/2 months later, he came home to a well trained animal. This time around, he has had to deal with the potty training, chewing, and plain out horrible listening skills. He is not too thrilled and keeps comparing her to Lily. in fact, every day Jason plans Lola's demise. He probably threatens to get rid of her three times daily to say the least.

I mean, look at that face!! Born Oct 14th, we were able to get her at 8 weeks old, just in time to claim her as our Christmas pug.

Sure enough, the kids loved her right away. Maybe not so much today since she's a 6 month old terror. But she slept all the time back then, so who doesn't love a sleepy puppy!?
Jason kept telling me how much I would hate having a puppy in the winter because i'd have to take her out all the time when it was freezing cold. It wasn't fun, but the nice part was that she went potty right away!!
She got lots of extra cuddles from anyone who walked in the door.

And she even got to come to my parents to celebrate Christmas!
and was sure to sleep in everyone's arms
On my lap as much as possible. I feed her, I take her out, I take care of her, give her baths, and sure enough...who do you think she loves the most? Jason. of course. Always craving attention from the person who can't stand her.

We even took her out on the ice to test it out. She loved it!
Thankfully she is starting to be a better listener and potty training is finally getting better as well. Doesn't make Jason want her any more but that's ok. He'll learn to love her once she's the lazy pug he was expecting....might be a while but in the mean time, she's got my heart that's for sure.

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