Monday, June 13, 2016

Summer is Finally Here!!

Boy, that was the longest spring of my life. Maybe it's because Jason was gone the last 6 weeks when these photos were taken but geez, the nice weather was long awaited!
It was time to break out the slip n slide as the lake was finally treated so it was a good excuse to get it out since we couldn't swim.
I had so much fun capturing everyone's expressions
Charlie holds a special place in my heart. Just love him so much. Maybe it's cause he took a long time to warm up to me and now when he holds my hand or sits on my lap, I just smile ear to ear.
They all took turns figuring out how to go down the slide different than the last time

Nice Austin!

I just couldn't stop clicking the shutter. These kids crack me up!

I said, ok guys, a quick picture all together, put your arms around each other. Apparently Charlie thought I said put your arms up in the air.

in a matter of five seconds they jetted off in every direction. looking forward to a summer of fun with these kiddos!

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