Monday, June 27, 2016

Let the construction begin

It wouldn't be summer in Michigan without some good ole' construction. Jason has talked about a 'bump out' addition onto our house for a long time now. He's had a vision and finally after many contractors turned down the smaller job or most likely got scared from Jason's knowledge on building, he got it started himself this past weekend.

The siding was the first to go Friday night and that's all it took. He got started and didn't stop all weekend.
He is planning on having the bump out for the main floor and have it open underneath. He mentioned something about a hot tub which was the first I ever heard of that, but I am not opposed! He also wants to screen in the deck and add a roof over that as well. Hopefully that helps us get more use out of it. Oh and with 4th of July around the corner, I am happy to see the bunting is up!
Below is the view from our window in the living room. This window will be a doorway into the new space. What is this space going to be? Good question. I think Jason plans for a sitting room, beverage center/bar area, and to open up the space in the dining room. But I could be completely wrong. I just nod my head when he talks about it. Whatever Jason touches turns into gold when it comes to building, so I try not to fight it much anymore. What 10 years of marriage teaches you.

By Sunday he had already made a lot of progress and spent a lot of time up on the ladder. Which had Ava calling for his attention as she swam in the lake. 'Daddy, Hi Daddy, Watch me Daddy!!'. I tried to explain to her that Daddy could fall if she kept calling out to him and this led her to run closer to the ladder and then call his name. Oh Ava.
I am planning on taking the kids to the cabin this weekend for two days in hopes that Jason can get some more uninterrupted time working on the house. Or maybe I am hoping he gets moving on this so he can finish all the other plans we have for the house. Basement, deck, studio.....some big ticket items that have me dreaming.

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