Friday, June 17, 2016

Memorial (Mario) Day

I told Ava that Daddy was going to be coming home for Memorial Day, just about 2 weeks before the holiday. From then on, she was very excited for "Mario Day".

The day came with glorious weather. There have been years where we have bundled up in blankets on the beach, but this year we were sweating on the beach while the kids never came out of the water.
Austin learned how much fun it was to push the girls on the paddle board.
Oh Ava, posing it up isn't she!?
And her infamous peace sign she breaks out for just about every photo I take.
Kora tried to surf the treacherous waters Austin was creating.
She missed Daddy sooooo much. She cried at school at times and sometimes she cried until late into the night. She is definitely Daddy's girl. It was so nice having him home for the long weekend after 6 weeks away. The hardest part was saying goodbye for two more weeks!

Cousins (or as my mom and her twin says Cousints) don't forget that 'T' in there.
Grant was running and leaping into the water making huge splashes. So here Austin, Kasen, and Isaiah try to do the same.

He used to hate getting water in his eyes and now look at him! Love that drenched face!
Jackie wanted to make sure I captured her floating so she could show her Daddy since he wasn't there yet. Way to go Jackie! I am so proud of all the kids that they went out in their swimmies to the middle of the lake. Each year they have more fun in that lake and I am so thankful. Its incredibly entertaining to watch them splash around with each other.

What a wonderful "Mario Day". So glad Jason could come home to be a part of it. Summer Holidays are by far my favorite. Surrounded by family and neighbors with more food than we could eat in a week! Thankful 4th of July is around the corner so we can do it all over again!

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