Sunday, September 8, 2013

'Shower' Themed Baby Shower

I loved the idea of a shower themed baby shower! Umbrellas, rubber ducks, rain boots, and clouds.....the ideas are endless.

So this first picture has nothing to do with the theme of the baby shower and everything to do with the baby's bedding from Land of Nod which is sooooo adorable! it's way better in my opinion than a cloud or an umbrella on a sign!

 ok back to the theme....I am a huge fan of Etsy! Have a theme in mind for a shower? Just hit up Etsy and type in your heart's will find exactly what you are looking for or someone willing to make it for you!
After the invite was purchased, the favors were made. Nothing like tying it all together with matching polka dots.

 A few clouds in ombre hanging from the chandelier
 A pennant banner is a must for the mantle
 And decorations for each end.......

 Gifts to match for the mama-to-be

 Flowers in rain boots was a co-workers idea and it is just adorable!
 Now on to the drinks and candy/junk food/snacks

It wouldn't be a party without paper straws! I would have ordered these from Etsy if I would have had time but I found these ones at Hobby Lobby
Easy to find candy to match any party at Party City
My brother makes awesome popcorn and it was a huge hit! Easy to eat while watching someone open up gifts or carry around the house chatting away

Cute rubber duckie cookies! They taste as good as they look!
I love getting cupcakes for parties. These also taste as good as they look. Thanks to Cupcake Tree Bake Shop. That girl knows what she is doing. I just give her my theme and she runs with it. My favorite is when she drops them off. I can't WAIT to peek inside and see what she made!
They were amazing and adorable!

Oh and how did I forget? I had to have some type of game to go along with the shower. What's easier than the 'Pick a Duckie' game? I numbered the bottoms and let the Mama-to-be pick random numbers. Easy as pie!
And that's all until the next party.......which is likely a construction themed 3 year old's birthday party come November! I better get started!

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