Sunday, September 22, 2013

Summer Bucket List 2013 in Action

1. Splash pad in Jenison
Next year- I bet they will BOTH be running around in the water!
2. Meijer Garden Splash Pad
Never made it (sad face). We have been there before but it's fun to visit again each year. We'll tack it on to next year's list.

3. Go Up to the Cabin
Despite the rainy weather, we made great memories. Austin talks about the cabin ALL the time. It helps that I put big beautiful photos of the cabin in our main bathroom.
4. Cone World- Ice Cream
 I don't think anyone got to eat the ice cream that they ordered because Austin and Ava wanted what everyone else got. I remember going here many times as a kid and walking over the bridge to watch the cars go underneath. Some kids apparently ruined that by throwing things at the cars but it was still fun to visit a place that makes me remember the good ole' days.
5. Sunny 4th of July Family Fun @ The Rogers
It was beyond just sunny. It was Perfect! beautiful weather, surrounded by great family, awesome food, and it was a success as our first time hosting a family gathering
6. Heritage Park- Feed the Ducks
Perfect park to feed the ducks and then go play on the playground. So much so that we went two days in a row since the first day I was a dummy and forgot my camera.
7. Craigs Cruisers
This is another missed item. Kate says we can put it on our Fall Bucket List if we get around to making one. Or maybe we can just make sure to hit it up before the nasty white stuff hits the ground.

8. Austin & Gpa Fishing @ The Rogers
This was a two for one since we accomplished this on the 4th of July. But it wasn't the last time. They have fished many of times on the lake but never felt like such a successful day as it was on Independence Day.
9. Water Ballon Fight
Grandma is pretty much a genius. This was a blast and not something you'd always be prepared for. Who wouldn't want to wake up from a nap and have a water balloon fight!? This picture makes me a little sad because my parents are selling their home. I grew up there and have more than plenty of memories but I am also happy that they will be living a mile away. Most people say to me...'They weren't close enough?' and the answer is 'No!'.
 10. Bike Ride on Kent Trails
This one was easily missed. Neither of the kiddos have quote unquote big kid bikes yet. We are hoping to get Austin one for his birthday this year. Neither of the kids have ever enjoyed riding in the bike wagon thingy. Austin made it in there about a handful of times and never lasted more than 5 minutes. Ava only sat in it for stroller rides since it can be made into a push stroller.

11. Make Strawberry Jam
I don't remember the last time we DIDN'T make strawberry jam. We make it every year...almost every year. It's quite a chaotic experience because my brother, Mom, and I are always making too many batches at once. This may have been  just too crazy trying to make it with the kids. Next year....

12. Tie Dye Shirts
Where was my iphone this day? Or Camera? I am sure someone has a photo somewhere....We ended up making these on Labor Day. We made shirts for Ava, Austin, Jarred, Jaqueline, Grace, and baby Witte (My neighbor and co-worker who is due in November). They turned out adorable. Austin's is too big but he wore it for two days straight.

13. Farmer's market
I took the kids to the Byron Center Farmer's Market. I didn't take a picture because it took us all of two seconds to make the rounds. I thought it would be bigger. I bought some cherries which were perfect for eating on the beach since they were so juicy and required the kids to be in bathing suits to eat them. I didn't take the kids to the downtown farmer's market yet but hope to next year. There is also a new market downtown  we could visit someday as well.

14. Play with Jackie & Grace
It was a beautiful day for Jackie and Grace to come over. They always have so much fun together which makes family gatherings that much more entertaining for the adults.
15. Take Austin to the Movies
We saw Monster's University. Austin did pretty good for his first movie. He was a little antsy but thankfully we had popcorn to keep him entertained. I am sure this one can continue on to the Winter Bucket List.
16. Frog Hollows Park
I think we took the kiddos there 3 or 4 times this summer. There isn't too much wind there so I learned to go super early or on a cooler day. Lots to play with though and really close by. I'll have to remember this park for the future since they have a nice picnic area that is shaded. Won't be able to have birthday parties there since Austin and Ava are both in late fall or winter......another celebration of some sort maybe.
17. Go to the Zoo
I was very proud of Austin for riding the camel this year. He talked about it for days/weeks before AND after. I was also lucky enough to go again later that year with both kids for school. This can easily be on every summer's bucket list.
That's the end. We did 13/17 items. It made summer more fun and gave us lots to do. Props to one of my bestie's Lindsey for giving us the idea. Everyone should have one of these lists for the summer.

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