Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ava: 18 months

Ava continues to surprise me on a daily basis. I keep thinking about what life was like when Austin was her age and ask myself, "Was he doing all this? Was he talking this much?"

Seems like Ava is talking up a storm. Maybe it's just that I can understand most everything she says. The good and the bad come with an older brother. The good thing is that he teaches her so much including so many words. The bad thing is that he teaches her so much including so many words.

Monkey see Monkey do. She follows her big brother everywhere and does just about everything he does. With the exception that this girls loves jewelry, loves to hold bags or purses on her arm, and loves dollies.

She still tries many more foods that Austin won't. She also eats more than he does. Hopefully he doesn't teach her his bad null eating habits.

She loves being chased around. She giggles so loud and hard that it's unforgettable. Although I know that's not true. I can't take enough pictures or videos to capture all these moments and as much as people say that phrase 'They grow up so fast', it's unfortunately very true.

I'd say she's a Mommy's girl because she is practically my shadow. I have been trying to hold her hand more rather than pick her up, but she won't stand for it. I probably baby her..... but how can I not since we did the baby thing so fast!

She definitely has a special relationship with Daddy. She loves to play a silly game where they go back and forth saying ...."Da-DDY!"  "Pea----NUT!" It's likely much cuter in person than in this blog.

I've noticed that she's easier to bring to tears than Austin. I barely yell at her and here come the waterworks. Just like when I was a little girl. A threat was all it would take from my mom and I was putting myself in my room! Even when I don't mean to yell "OUCH!" so loudly when she pinches me or does something to hurt me, she starts wailing. I guess this is what it's like to have a girl AND for her to be the baby.

She's so sweet. She kisses many of the animals in her board books and gives each page a hug. It gets old when you are on the third book before bedtime, but how would you have the heart to tell her to stop!?

As much as she loves to be around Austin, he certainly rules the roost with her. He really doesn't know the word gentle. When she takes his toy or vice versa, it seems like he is quick to hit her. He shoves or bumps her out of the way. He fights for my lap for books or movies.....and many times she just tolerates it. It's guaranteed he did something to her whenever she randomly cries. And he's also found out that she hates to be chased with his toys, especially the large fire truck. He figured that one out quickly and uses it to his defense lately. Siblings will be siblings.

She's still our 'Aba' around the house and it's hard to believe she is already 18 months. If we were having another child with the same timing as Austin and Ava, that little one would already be two months old. PHEW! good thing we are happily done! I can't wrap my brain around that one. Even though Austin and Ava flock to newborns and are so gentle with them....it's not happening you two, so stop being cute around babies!

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