Monday, December 17, 2012

The Build: Mini Partial Tour

So the updates are getting overwhelming as things with the house are changing rapidly. It'll be easier for me to do updates just on everything until we get in and get settled. So tonight at the house, Jason is working rapidly on the electrical even though he was planning on spending the entire weekend tiling. I worked on painting the master bathroom....and yes, there is still more painting to be done (ugh!). My Mom and Dad are constantly playing the role of the cleaning crew, along with many other family members.

Ok, so when you walk in from the garage, the built-in lockers, "mudroom area" is to your left.  We have some baskets to fit right in those open spaces.
I thought I got a good pic of the bath straight ahead, but must have been distracted by something so, we'll back out of here.....
Continuing to back up, here is the wall of cabinets to the left if you are standing in the living room looking at the kitchen. All those green and blue tabs, are tape. We have yet to pick out hardware for the kitchen cabinets. We have always wanted long bars but the downfall is that they are trendy. Another downfall is that you are stuck with two holes that are far apart if you ever wanted to put in hardware that only needed one hole or ones that were closer together.
Here is a look at the kitchen from the dining room. Those hardwood floors are soooo dirty despite putting down a green protecting walkway with all the traffic.

To the back right of the kitchen is the pantry. We are still trying to choose a backsplash....
Turn around and now you are looking at the dining room. The stone on the fireplace was just installed. The faces to the drawers and cabinets still have to go on, along with whatever hardware we pick out.
Ahhhh the fireplace....can't wait to be sitting in front of it drinking a glass of wine!

To the right of the fireplace is the stairwell.....carpet to be installed this week!!
The front door! Could it be larger!? We picked out an entry way table that is ready for pick up.
Up the stairs and to the left is laundry/craft room. That room has not been touched in a LONG time. We picked out the flooring...I think we picked out the counter top......who knows what color it will be.....needless to say, it isn't preventing us from moving in.....
So to the right is a built-in and hallway closet followed by Ava's room. I bought her a wall decal that is a big tree to go along with her owl/bird theme. Can't wait to do some decorating!
Each child has a small area for vanity and sink, prior to the Jack and Jill bath. This way one can be getting ready while the other one is using the bathroom.
Jack and Jill bath
Austin's vanity
Austin's room with the new stripe

Off to the master bath! Starting somewhere in the back is the toilet room
Taking a step out of the toilet room and walking back to the master the right is the his and hers sinks and vanities

To the left is the bathtub and beautiful stone wall!!!

That's about it for now! More to take pictures of but so much is going on that it was time to get back to work! We are scheduled to be moving in this Saturday......CRAZY!!!!

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  1. Gorgeous! I will join you for a glass of wine in front of that beautiful fire :)


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