Monday, September 24, 2012

Ava: 7 months

So Miss Ava just went for her 6 month appointment and is 50% all around for weight and height. We are a tad behind on appointments after switching pediatrician's offices, but if you aren't thrilled with your doctor, it's time to change to a new one.
Ava has found her voice and is using it often! Lots of babbles going on.

She can barely stay awake until 6:30 these days. It's so sad to get so little time with her in the evening, so thank goodness for the weekends!

She is sitting up and enjoying every minute of it.

She loves to chew on everything of course as we await her first tooth to pop through. Her favorite toy to chew on has to be Sophie and soft baby books.

I am buying 9 month clothing left and right as it seems like overnight she outgrew all of her 6 month clothing. I was kinda shocked at myself because we had but just a few outfits for her! But I honestly don't have time to go shopping right now which is sad since there are tons of adorable girls clothes out there. But I sure am having fun stocking up when I can and so is Grandma!

Ava loves to eat! I can't believe she is still stuck at 5oz of breast milk at a time but she sure makes up for it by eating lots of baby food. It's crazy to see her use her pointer finger and thumb to pick up puffs and put them in her mouth. I remember Austin grabbing the puffs with his whole hand at this age and Ava seems so precise about which fingers to use.

She is just starting to scoot around on the floor but not up on all fours just yet. Although it won't be too difficult to baby proof since it has already been done for Mr. Get into Everything!

This first year is just going way too fast this time around......We love you peanut!!

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