Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ava's Baptism

Ava was baptized this past Sunday July 15th at Zeeland Community Church. My Uncle Dann married us in that same church 6 years ago next month.
We were very fortunate that it just so happened to be on the same weekend that my Grandma Ondarko, along with my Uncle Joe and Aunt Sally, came from MinnesOta to visit. (yes, you have to emphasize the 'O' if you are going to say it right!)
My mom and I pulled our inspiration for decorations all from a napkin we saw at Party City. Thanks to my amazing family as usual for their help and setting up the decorations ahead of time!!
I gave Costco the exact same napkin and they made her an adorable cake to match!
Poor Ava was already very tired before the service even started....

Austin was excited to point out to everyone that is his sister Ava (still 'Dave-ah' in his version)
This picture makes me realize how much Jason and I have grown as parents. With all that we are going through right now, we are stressed to the max. BUT, despite all of that, in this moment, we are just looking at each other with pure joy and happiness that our children, are children of God. We are so blessed.
And here is the picture of the day!! After the church service, and having lunch and cake with all the family, we went back to my parents house to enjoy more time with the Ondarkos. I had missed a lot of opportunites to get photos with being the busy mom that I am, so I ran Ava into my parents bedroom quick to snap a few photos......and here's the reward!

I love you peanut! As my Uncle Dann says at the end of every service, "May His seeking comfort find you, may his loving arms bind you, may his might protect you and his wisdom direct you, and may the joyous love of Jesus Christ be with you and those you love, now and forever more, Amen."

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