Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ava: 5 months

Oh Lord, please don't tell me we have to start teething all over again! Ava is drooling and chewing on just about everything. Daycare has had to give her tylenol when she gets fussy and chews on her fingers......oh how it makes me nervous. Austin didn't get his first tooth until he was 6 months, so we'll see how comparable that is for Ava. So tooth buds just yet. I started to say no tooth buds when I was writing this out earlier this week, but now of course, she has them on the bottom gums....Oy!

Ava has found her feet and loves to play with them.

Just as I remember with Austin, she flipped a switch and is going to bed at the same time as Austin right now which is 7pm. She is showing signs of wanting to go to bed earlier but I seem to push her limits a bit so I can stay and play with Austin too.

Her hair is still questionable in color, but as I am staring at my blog book of when Austin was 5 months, he had the exact same thing and I even wrote "light blonde/brown color". Looks like my Mom and I still have the great debate (loser buys lunch) of what color she will truly have.

This is about the time I started letting Austin try baby food. I made Austin's baby food for a very long time and still hope to do the same for Ava. I unfortunately don't have as much time or freezer space...(the chest freezer is literally full to the top with breast milk).

Ava loves to play peek-a-boo regardless if anyone is paying attention or not. If she has a dress on or is playing with a blanket, she puts it over her face as fast as you can take it off or pull it down. It makes me laugh as I turn around and see her dress over her face, kicking her legs, with her chubby little belly exposed!

She loves to sit up and watch Austin play. She's also a very distracted eater. When there is lots going on, she can't help but make sure to watch all the action.

She doesn't complain too much but there is a reason Austin puts a "D" in front of her name, she certainly is a little "Diva".

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