Sunday, February 5, 2012

Just Austin

We are rounding the corner on 36 weeks this week, which means only a few more weeks (or possibly days) with just Austin. We had such a beautiful Saturday at my parents that even though I had all these activities or places to go with Austin, it was nice to stick around home and enjoy the sun.

How many blogs have I posted now with Austin eating something fun at Grandma's?
Here he enjoys a pumpkin muffin with frosting....mmmmmm
We were lucky enough to get outside.....odd to be using his car and not a sled in February but hey, I am not complaining!
He couldn't love his car more....
And now since he's a big walker, he loves to push the car himself
He's not entirely used to wearing shoes yet and I just love watching him walk with them on...

My buddy

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