Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Build: Some Inside Details

This weekend I got a chance to stop by the house and make some decisions regarding the layout. I haven't taken many photos of what's going on inside the house, since so much was changing on the outside.

Here Jason is creating the mantel for the fireplace and television.
Jason knows that sometimes I can't quite visualize what he is talking about, so he made some faux columns so that we could move them around deciding their best location. He also made a faux kitchen island and countertops so I could really get an idea of where I'd be standing and talking to people who are sitting in the living room.
Walking up to the second floor, it's nice to see the plumbing is in! This room to the left of the stairs is the laundry/my craft room.
Turning around, this is the look down the stair case
To the right of the stairway, the first room is Ava's. I just had to take a picture of her closet since Jason spoiled this little girl already......she shouldn't have a problem filling it up with clothes, but it's laughably large for someone not even born yet!
Here is the Jack n' Jill bath that I just HAD to have. Once again Jason thought of the fact that they may not always be ok with sharing a bathroom, so he gave each child a vanity with sink that tucked away in their rooms with a door to the bathroom. This way, someone can be showering and someone can still be getting ready without being in each other's way.
Continuing on down the hallway towards the back of the house, is the master bedroom with windows facing the lake. And no, we won't keep the microwave in the bedroom once we move in!
Turning around, this is looking into the master bath, with an archway built extending into the toilet room on the right and shower straight ahead
More details to come as Jason is currently buidling a barrel ceiling between the kitchen and mudroom as well as an archway in the foyer.....

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