Sunday, February 12, 2012

15 months

Hard to be thinking about all the things going on with Austin when honestly I feel like a ticking time bomb. Austin would have been born already if this were the same pregnancy, so this just feels odd to me. I have been enjoying every minute of Austin becoming a pro at walking. Sometimes we practice walking hand in hand in hopes that I won't have to carry him AND a carseat into daycare when I drop him off on my maternity leave, but it's a work in progress.

He really enjoys sitting on or near my lap lately, I just love it.
He gets in lots of good quality time with my family on the weekends since Jason is either working on the build or in this case at national guard. Here he is clapping away with Uncle Jarred.
Austin may not have many outer appearance features that come from me but he sure does carry on my sweet tooth. We made Valentine cookies this weekend and he practically just licked the frosting off of all the ones we gave him. He isn't eating all the same meals as us yet, but he certainly has a taste for italian food. Pizza is by far one of his favorites but anything like pasta or lasagna is good in his book. He loves his dog Scout that sings a song about all of his favorites. I just changed the song to sing pancakes instead of yogurt but he still does love his yogurt in the morning.
He is definitely a brave little boy. He doesn't mind leaving me behind and not looking back wherever we go. He also loves to stick his face in the water in the bathtub and he comes up smiling! He loves to be chased by anybody but of course Grandpa can't resist whenever we are over at his house. He even enjoys being scared when Grandpa is hiding around the corner. It's hilarious to watch Austin's face as it changes so quickly from scared to smiling.
Austin is learning things at such a fast rate which is so much fun. He understands what items are so at least you can say "Austin go get your jacket" and he will say some two syllable jibberish that sounds like jacket and will find it and hand it over. He understands grandma and grandpa are also two syllable words but it sounds like he is calling them both da-da still. He loves to play with blocks and stack them up together. His sense of touching things are at their highest as everytime he is picked up in someones arms, he points his finger at anything and everything that someone will let him touch. Clocks, picture frames, windows, chandeliers, ceiling fans.....anything within his reach in your arms.

Glad that Ava has decided to stay in my belly for the time being so I can enjoy these last moments of giving Austin my undivided attention. It definitely would have been hard having our children be even closer in age but at least now they are 15 months apart.

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  1. He is such a cutie! He looks so much different in all of your posts, just growing so fast! I can't believe Ava will be here soon and Austin will be a big brother. Hope you are doing well!


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