Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Build: Starting the Roof

As you drive in Providence Lake there are multiple builds going up but since they are all one stories, they are going up much faster. Hard to see homes that started building after us already have shingles on their roof, but I know it's way worth the wait! As you drive through the neighborhood, this is the view from across the lake looking at our build.
Still some more trusses are being set but you can see the roof starting to come together
Closer look at the front of the house. We have made a very complicated roofline in our plans but it makes such a difference in the exterior of the home to have all the peaks that we do.
Love seeing the OSB put on!
Slowly but surely the house is coming along! Can't wait until the OSB has covered the roof so we can see all the peaks! Bedrest has it's ups and downs but at least I can drive to the house and see the progress.

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