Sunday, January 15, 2012

14 Months

Biggest change since last month is that Austin is officially a walker. He is now more comfortable walking everywhere but still falls often as he doesn't look where he is going. He loves to walk around holding on to something in each hand.

Austin does lots of mimicking these days! His favorite song right now is "If you're happy and you know it" since he knows when to clap along. My favorite is helping him learn the sounds of animals. Its so adorable to ask him what a dog says and hear "woof  woof" out of him.

He still can't keep his hands off Lily but since he doesn't know what being gentle means (which scares me since Ava will be here soon) he spends most of the day chasing after her. Who blames her? He tries to bite her, tugs at her ears, and uses her as a stool to help him get to higher places.

My favorite is when he comes home from school with colors on his hands or under his fingernails.....although we've found it on his belly before. It's so great to know that his daycare does so many crafts and sensory projects. I love finding markers or painted colors on him because I know he had fun getting all messy.

He has officially transitioned from the Turtle Room (infant room) to the Panda Room (what we call the big boy room) full time. Everyone walks in the Panda room and they take one nap a day on a cot. Austin has been napping two hours for them but it's nice since he still takes 2 two hour naps at home on the weekends. They also eat family-style which means all the kids sit down at a big round table and eat together.

Since we finally have snow, it has been fun taking Austin outside to pull around in the sled. He hates getting on all the winter gear, but the moment he's in the sled, he is nothing but smiles.

I'd say his favorite foods right now are pancakes and clementines. He could eat either of those non-stop if you let him. Although just today, Grandma let him have his first Oreo. How did he know to skip eating the cookie and just lick off the middle frosting?

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