Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter with Austin

Funny how the first year with Austin is a whole bunch of "Firsts". It's kinda fun to imagine each holiday with Austin and how different they are now. Even though Austin couldn't run around this time and pick up the Easter eggs, it's exciting to imagine when he will.

We have forgotten to get family photos for previous holidays as it's difficult to catch us all dressed up (without spit up on my shoulder) and catch Austin at a good time to smile......thankfully this one turned out great!

 At school, all the teachers continue to remind me how much of a 'mini-me' Austin is to Jason.
 Me and my little man
 The 'couldn't be prouder' Grandparents
 Anything and everything given to Austin, he attempts to place in his mouth, so here goes the wooden egg!
 This Easter is also Jaqueline's first as well. She is only a few weeks old. Such a beautiful addition to the family.
 Austin slept though his first Easter egg hunt, but that's ok, he will actually be able to walk around for it next year!

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