Sunday, January 2, 2011

Stepping Up The Front Porch

Jason has been wanting to re-do the front porch floor for a long time now. We have thrown across so many ideas since anything is better than what it was. Old outdoor carpet was just not doing it for us......yet somehow we kept it for almost 5 years!? I guess other projects always took precedence. We did try to at least make the stairs look better in the beginning by having Lowe's match the paint with the beige vinyl siding. Even the Duramax paint couldn't withstand the use of our front stairs.

We had an interest in our house this week, even though it's not even on the market. In thoughts that the people were coming back and possibly going to make an offer, Jason got an urge to start and finish this project in a split second! I thought Jason was going to come back from the store with just some outdoor carpet that was nicer, but of course he found some good deals and decided on tile!

Here were the two options for how he was going to use the tile and composite decking:
Option 1:

Option 2:

We chose Option #1!
Then Jason continued onto the stairs with the composite decking. He started the project on New Year's Eve when it was 50 degrees outside but then had to of course finish it while the weather quickly changed to 20 degrees and snowing!
Here's a before and after looking from inside the house out onto the porch.

This project was well worth the 100$ spent!

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