Saturday, January 29, 2011

Austin's First Trip to the U.P.

We decided to make the trip easier on Austin and leave after his middle of the night feeding, knowing he would awake somewhere between 2 and 4am since he was 8 weeks at the time. Sure enough he awoke at 3am and we were able to leave the house at 3:30am. Austin slept in the car until we stopped at the bridge which was at about 7a. We stopped at a Big Boy and I quickly found out how important it was to have one of those Koala changing stations in the bathroom cause this bathroom did not have that and I had to change Austin in the booth! Jason and I took turns feeding Austin while running to the buffet to stuff our faces in hopes we could make it the rest of the trip with no stops.

We had to stop one more time right before arriving at Grandma Candy's and we found this perfect little coffee shop that you wouldn't expect to find in the middle of nowhere. It had a big tv and couches in the back so we could just sit down and relax while letting Austin eat. I have to mention that I recently had strep throat and was taking my first ever round of antibiotics. The amoxicillin did not agree with me and on the 7th/8th day, I had the worst, itchiest rash, I have ever had. And I have had every kind of poison ivy and oak on the planet! This was terrible. I went against everything I had learned in PA school and I stopped the medication. I couldn't have steroids due to breastfeeding so this was my only option. I tried not to take too much benedryl so that I wasn't a zombie but that was a battle!
Grandma Candy didn't take but a second to grab Austin and start snuggling!
Austin and Daddy taking a rest

He sure does love to sleep with his arms up.
The infamous "ooh" face
Great Grandpa Wodzinksi

Great Grandma Wodzinksi - I can't help but stare at the background since this Grandma is incredibly talented and just about everything in the background is painted or made by her!

Four Generations
Grandma has a nice shoulder to sleep on....
Great Grandpa Letson
Good thing I brought a turtle neck to hide my crazy hives, although at this point they were on my face as well!
Grandma likes to call Austin her little 'monkey'. so cute!
Cousin Cayden....He's 4 months and 16lbs and Austin sure is trying to catch up.
Grandpa Rogers - Austin sure is listening to whatever Grandpa has to say!

Cousin Somara holding the boys. She even mentioned at one point how she wanted to take Austin home with her!

Austin did not come home the same boy! He had a growth spurt one night that kept me feeling like a cow as I pumped and pumped to keep up with his eating. He had 4.5 ounces and continued to be fussy shortly after. I never had him eat more than that so I sent Jason to the store for gas drops in thought that he had a belly ache. We decided to give him some more food with the drops and sure enough he ate 2.5 more ounces. Again, shortly therafter he became fussy, which is so strange for Austin and he ate 2 more ounces. It was just about his bedtime and he ate another ounce before passing out. I thought after 10 ounces that he would for sure sleep thru the night for the first time, but nope, he awoke as usual at 3am for another feeding! He has been eating 5 ounces consistently since we returned. Such a cute little piggie!

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