Thursday, January 6, 2011

My First Turkey

For Christmas this past year, I received a 16 lb turkey from work. Now if you know me, you know that I am not a cook as it is, but I couldn't wait to cook this and hope it would turn out better than that dry turkey from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

We finally unthawed the turkey and the day that I cooked it, I was feeling horrible. I came down with an unusual case of strep throat. Not unusual in presentation, but I have been staying at home with Austin and have never had strep before, so this just suprised me that I even caught it!

I put the turkey back in the fridge thinking there is no way I am going to get up the urge to cook it, but around noon that day, I was feeling better and decided to give it a go. I decided to stick to the recipe out of the Southern Living Christmas book I also received at Christmas time.

First thing first, I had to take out the neck and then all the giblets. Now even though I get to touch brains at my job, this doesn't mean I enjoy touching odd objects! I put on dish gloves and took everything out.....ick is all I can say!

The hard part for me was that everything online and in books talks about how the wings are usually clipped. Of course I would get one of the birds that doesn't have clipped wings. I couldn't get them behind the head so I resorted to YouTube to find a video of how to put these darn wings behind the bird's back. It said that you want the wings to make it look like the bird is sun tanning. Easier said than done with my bird. I pretty much had to suffer through breaking the wings practically to get them tucked behind.

I ended up making gravy from the book as well. Jason brought home a box of stuffing since we didn't really plan on me making the turkey that day, so we weren't as prepared, but everything turned out amazing! We have already enjoyed making new dishes out of the leftovers!

Excuse how crazy I look, remember that I have strep throat!

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