Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Three Weeks of Sleeping

Austin has been here now for a little over three weeks which is so hard to believe...especially considering his due date still isn't for 3 more days! I want to document a few of the things going on with him right now as I am sure it is easy to forget since he changes everyday!

Austin is still sleeping close to 20 hours a day! I get so excited when he finally opens his eyes and looks around for 20 minutes before passing back out. He even sleeps while he eats, which makes it difficult to keep a full belly, meaning that at times he eats every 15 minutes!

He still isn't a crying baby just yet. He grunts and gets red in the face when he wants to be changed. This is why we haven't started a pacifier yet because he hasn't been fussy, although I am sure that will change. We just started the attempts at bottles and he did such a good job with one last night, I could see my future getting brighter as that means I can get out of the house!!

I love to give him his Vitamin D drops! He usually opens his eyes and makes this adorable sucking sound and really seems to like them. I also love when he makes an "O" with his lips which seems to be one of his favorite faces to make.

So far, he's mostly a mini-Jason. I think the only thing we have been able to say is mine, is his olive skin tone. Our whole stay in the hospital, people kept thinking he was jaundice but his bilirubin levels were always perfect. He just happens to have nice color! Even what we thought was my dark hair color, has become this light brown color which may get even lighter considering he has these blonde eyebrows and eyelashes. Jason had white white hair when he was born so that's his too! Speaking of that hair, we get more comments on it than anything else. He has this crazy little faux hawk that has a mind of it's own, but I absolutely wouldn't have it any different!

We are going to get good use of his newborn clothes, considering some newborn clothes are still a tad big. At his weight check appt. last week he was 6 lbs 14oz so I am sure he is getting close to 7 1/2 lbs now!

So happy he was born somewhat close to the holidays so I could make sure to get a photo with a santa hat....

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