Thursday, December 16, 2010

Master Closet Update

The Master is finally getting a bigger closet, although some of you after seeing our bigger closet addition, wonder why we are still messing around with making more closet space.....but can you ever have too much closet space??

So last time we left you with a big open wall.....but it's time to put on the doors! Jason had bought 6-panel doors from Lowe's, but then found these custom ordered doors that were returned. They were only $35 for the pair which were originally $185, what a steal!

After watching the DIY network 24/7 ever since we upgraded our cable.....I realized that it's time to learn how to use some tools! Jason thankfully is very patient with me and was ready to teach me!

Adding a wall inbetween the two doors
I was really getting the hang of some of the tools, so Jason marked some areas for me to put in some screws and left me there to finish up......who knew he could be so trusting of me with his tools so soon!?
And here are the doors with the added trim. Trim sure does make a huge difference.
Our next update should be with some organization......rods and shelves!

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