Sunday, December 12, 2010

More Closet Space? Yes Please!

When Jason was finishing the nursery, he closed up the closet that was in the room in order to create more space. In doing this, his idea was that we could open up the very small closet in the master bedroom to the one that he closed off in the baby's room.
Here is a picture of the door to the closet in the far right of the room:
Let the demo begin!! Boy, Jason sure knows how to make a mess.....but thankfully it's always worth it!
Stay tuned for the progress!!


  1. Can't wait to see the after! I would love bigger closet space and I think you guys have the same closets as us, little door but deep closet? What doors are you going to use? PS how does Austin sleep with that going on?!?!?

  2. Looking forward to the after as well. We opened up my closet a few years ago and just recently gave it a face lift.

  3. We were going to place 6-panel doors on there but then Jason randomly found some custom doors that someone returned!!

  4. I was just going to comment on how awesome I think your renovations are (seriously)...but I need more Austin! But then I scrolled down and happily found a cute little Austin :) I loved your Christmas card - so precious!


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