Saturday, September 11, 2010

Upstairs Bath

As you walk up the stairs to the 2nd floor, you walk straight into the upstairs bath. A nice sized porcelain tub sat just around the corner. Unfortunately, we were not the type of people who wanted to try and refinish it, or go without a shower in our larger bathroom. And who doesn't love that yellow linoleum flooring?

Since it was way too heavy and wouldn't fit out the door, Jason just had to destroy it, to get rid of it. So Jason took a hammer to it!

And now in that space, you will find our vanity. We bought unfinished cabinets, along with a stain that also contained polyurethane for one-time coating!

As you walk up the stairs, you would look straight ahead at this over-sized cabinetry and window.

Out came the cabinetry and we decided to cover up the window in order for Jason to go with his vision of a custom built shower.

The beginning of the custom built shower!

And now when you walk up the stairs, you see the shower. It is built in a way where you walk in to the shower and a few steps to the right is the space to wash up, which is nice because you don't need any type of door. We found a nice tile to use for the flooring and the shower. Jason built a nice little seat/shelf in there too!

Here's a pic inside the shower for a closer look.

The back right of the bathroom, laughably glamorous.

Much better! In the end, this bathroom was one of the biggest changes. Thanks to Jason for his hard work on the demolition, custom-built shower, tiling of the floor and shower, plumbing, painting.....I could go on. I think my work on this part was staining the cabinets, taking the photos in the frames, and picking out the paint color....but hey, we're a team!

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