Saturday, September 18, 2010

Brown and Blue for Baby Rogers

I am so blessed with such a wonderful extended family! They threw me an amazing shower. It was all the wonderful details that made this day so special.

These cupcakes are too cute for words. Little birdies in their nest? I LOVED THEM!

I didn't want to post this one, cause I wasn't sure I wanted his name posted on everything just yet, but how could I NOT post it? Adorable letters!

I can't wait to put these other letters up somewhere in his room!

Each table was decorated with it's own adorable settings!

Not to mention the presents of course were wrapped to match! You can all imagine who did these ones, Martha Stewart herself, my mom!

This cute little dinosaur, made by my talented cousin Tara, was the hit of the party!

Everyone did such a good job with wrapping! Our family secretly has a wrapping competition at all events!

Karly and Kirsten did a good job with wrapping too! Thanks to them, Baby Rogers is all set for bath time!

Grandma Ondarko sent a quilt along from Minnesota!

All the adorable bows!
So many great gifts from a great family! Baby Rogers isn't allowed to come just yet, but at least we are a little bit closer to being ready.

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