Friday, September 17, 2010

A Day Off is a Day Deserved

One weekend a month, I have to work 8-5 Saturday and Sunday on-call. Then, the following week, I get any day off that week I want, which of course I always choose Friday! I am a list person, so of course I had a list of things I couldn't wait to finally check off. Before I even begin my day, I have to say that this day is surrounded by visits to businesses only in the Kalamazoo area. I constantly remind myself how thankful I am that God brought me here to Kzoo with Jason, as I had never imagined leaving Grand Rapids. I couldn't be happier to support the local businesses that I love!

So first I had to go to the Social Security office (ugh!) to get a new soc card. I am not the one who usually misplaces things, but at some point in time I realized mine was missing. I got there ten to 9 since they open at 9, and of course there was a huge line! I had an appointment at 10, so I was praying that I wouldn't have to wait and then leave without being called. Somehow, my number got called before anyone else's anyway!! I was in and out in 10 minutes! Thank-you Lord!

I was going to be early for my manicure and pedicure at Willow Day Spa, so I parked downtown and walked to the coffee shop for a hot caramel apple cider, my favorite fall beverage by far! I walked to the spa and had a wonderful manicure and pedicure! They had these adorable clay bowls you put your feet into, rather than a bathtub. It felt so good to have my feet taken care of since I can barely reach them without hurting my belly!

After the spa, I had to return a bazillion cans at the grocery store and pick up some groceries. I just happen to be paroosing by the shoes when I saw some adorable sandals on sale for Baby Rogers for only 3$! I couldn't pass them up for that price!

After the grocery store and on my way to the used bookstore, I HAD to stop at Taste of Heaven. One of my patients recently gave me a bag of caramel corn from this place, which is to die for! I also found out that the store is basically a fundraiser for Youth for Christ which is extra special since my cousin Kate works with YFC. I opened the bag shortly after getting in the car, and pleasantly ate chocolate drizzled popcorn throughout my daily errands.

I had a stack of books to return at the used book store. I only return books that aren't that interesting or that I wouldn't plan on lending to someone else to read. I can go through a book a week if it's good, so I had to pick up some more for myself. I also have a rule now that when I buy a book for me, I have to buy a book for Baby Rogers. I love going to Kazoo Books because it's a cute used book store with this big fluffy cat that always comes to say hi!

I picked out a Thousand Splendid Suns since I have read Kite Runner in the past and really enjoyed it. I grabbed one one other book that just looked good and then of course two from the kids section for Baby Rogers. One on dinosaurs and one that's called Zug the Bug, but of course since it rhymes there is a dog in it named Pug. I can't pass up anything having to do with a pug!

After the bookstore, I had to drop off all the cellphones and cellphone accessories people have been giving me lately, since I collect them for Cell Phones for Soldiers. Everyone always has old cell phones and chargers laying around and what better to do with them then to support the troops!

On my way home, there is a car wash on Sprinkle Rd. that is only 5$. What is special about this place is that the guys wipe down your car afterwards to get all the extra drops off! They are always so nice, so you can't help but tip them for going that extra mile!

I stop home quick to let out and feed Lily, chat with Jason before he goes to work out, and then head out to the door to my last minute hair cut. I hadn't planned on getting my hair cut but my girl just happens to be in town today with an opening! She moved to the east side of the state a while back but continues to come to Kzoo once in a while since she has clients like me that are willing to tip her well for coming back! Today's a good day for a trim since I have my first baby shower tomorrow thrown by my family. I can't wait!! Jason and I will head to Qdoba for dinner, we go at least once a week it seems. Then probably back home for Jason to work on the closet addition and I will get to sit around and do some more relaxin'! I couldn't ask for a better day off!

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  1. Productive days are the best. Enjoy them while you can, because you are about to embark on two hour windows here and there that you can actually get away. Forget about accomplishing more than 2-3 errands per outing. Completely worth it though for those little ones! I hope you have a wonderful baby shower - I wish I could come!


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