Friday, March 25, 2016

Elephants, Camels, & Snakes, Oh My!!

My Dad has been wanting to take the kids to the Circus for a long time now. As soon as he saw that the Shrine was coming to town, he was all over it. He was right in the fact that if you are going to do it, you might as well do it right and get really good seats.

Plus, we heard this was the last year the elephants would be involved in the circus.
We happened to get there early enough that the afternoon crowd was just leaving so we were the only ones in the stadium at the time. With no lines, the kids jumped up to the elephant rides first.

Next up, pony rides!

The actual face painting took less time than it did for the kids to pick out their designs. They are sooo fast!

A kitty in the making....

A cheetah in the making.....

My absolute favorite picture of the whole bunch!

And what's the circus without filling your bellies with a bunch of sugar!

My dad blends in well doesn't he? Such a clown.....
At this time the cash was running low and so I talk to Ava and ask her, "out of these choices what would you like to do? you can pick one thing. Either ride the camel, go in the bounce house, or hold a snake'. My imagination she was going to pick the camel ride and sure enough she shouts "Hold the Snake!!"

It's as if they didn't even realize it was real. I mean come on, look at Ava's grip on it. Like really? I was squirming just watching them.
As soon as the head started curling up towards Austin's face was right when I wanted it to be over. But I guess if the pregnant lady at the circus holds it all day long, she must not be worried.
And somehow Ava was still able to convince us she NEEDED to ride the camel too.

Almost time for the show to start!
Ava was really excited to watch the 'princesses' swing on the trapeze.
I didn't really take many pictures of the show since it doesn't do it justice but we sat right on the floor in front of the far end where they set up the motorcycle cage, also where they had the tiger cage, and much more. It was a perfect spot to catch the action right in front of your face. It was totally worth it!
We were within feet of the tiger cage and the kids just LOVED it. They were in awe.

The show ended with a big bang as they shot this gentleman out of the cannon. It was such a great show. The kids were hopped up on sugar but very exhausted. They got to see it all and we all couldn't stop talking about how awesome the seats were. Very Awesome Show!

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