Thursday, October 2, 2014

Golden Birthday: 30 on the 30th

My birthday weekend extravaganza was nothing short of amazing. I had told Jason months before my birthday that I didn't want to 'just go out for dinner' for my birthday. Don't get me wrong, birthday dinners can be amazing, a night out with just the two of us is so cherished these days. BUT, this year was my golden birthday!! Not a big deal!? Well, it was to me!

Plus don't all girls cringe when they hear the word thirty? I shudder. I don't want to be thirty. Nor do I want to be twenty. I am glad I am done with being broke in college and not to mention the constant exams in PA school. But surely most parents dream of the days before kids. Wondering what we did with ALL that spare time!?  And why didn't we travel more!?

But Jason, my parents, and great friends made my birthday weekend pretty amazing.

Jason and I ran to Chicago just for the day on Friday to go shopping. We made it downtown to go to the Louis Vuitton store to pick up my birthday present and then ran like crazy to make it in time for our reservations at RPM Italian. I've wanted to go there ever since it opened and it was just as amazing as everyone said it was.

Then on Saturday night a birthday party was put together at our neighborhood club house (which looked the most amazing it ever had in my opinion!).

 We had our own wine connoisseur since it was a wine tasting party!
 Jason built this bar in a few short days that fit perfectly in the clubhouse.
 Adorable decorations of candles, jars, burlap, and old pictures!
 Tammy made a peach sangria that was right up my alley!
 He is nothing short of amazing! It was a beautiful and fun party that I will never forget.

 My parents were there tasting wine and enjoying the party. Most everyone in the neighborhood know them by now!
The room was filled with people I love! I felt so very blessed! The weekend finished out with a neighborhood couples golf outing on Sunday and all of my family coming over to share Labor Day with us. It was a such a nice long weekend.

I look forward to a nice night out for birthday dinner next year ;)

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