Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Airplane Themed First Birthday Party

This Airplane Themed First Birthday Party was so much fun to plan and watch come to life. This is such a cute theme for a 1 year old and I just love the vintage touches and colors.

 Sweet Tree's Cottage Bakery made these adorable cupcakes and of course my friend Kristin and I didn't recreate the banners as adorable as she had them in her display but they were just perfect!
I love those propeller cupcakes! The best part is that they taste just as good as they look!

Sweet Tree's Cottage Bakery also made these adorable cookies all set in bags to take home for the guests. The pictures don't do them justice! They are such a great favor to send home with someone as a thank-you for coming!

Little cups of cheese and caramel popcorn are a great snack to carry around while enjoying the party.
The invites came from Lullaby Loo found on Etsy. Kristin mentioned when we found these invites how she loves to call Maxton her 'little guy' so she was sold on these right away.
And of course mason jars of candy matching the colors of the theme are an easy thing to add considering Party City carries every color you can imagine of gumballs, sixlets, suckers and more.
Little gift bags for all the kiddos to take home included airplane stickers, suckers, toys, and those cute little styrofoam airplanes.
I love to hang things like these somewhere in the party to add some dimension. We cut out airplanes and clouds in different shapes and sizes out of cute decorated paper and glued them onto bakers twine.
The banner looked great hanging in the archway between the kitchen and dining room. It was so big that I couldn't quite get the whole picture but you get the idea!! :)
Once you learn to make your own banner, you likely won't buy one again. They aren't that hard especially once you create the infamous prototype.
This poster came from Ollie and Lulu from Etsy. It's a personalized chalkboard poster. All you do is e-mail the stats and facts about your child and what colors you would like. She creates it and sends it back to you for you to print yourself. We printed this at Costco for under 10$ and then just glued to a foam board you can find at your local craft store for around 2 to 3$.
Kristin found this idea on pinterest about pinning the propeller to the airplane. Once she showed me the picture I just drew it on brown paper and cut out each shape in the colors to match.

Another adorable touch is the water bottle labels. Can you guess where from? Yes, Etsy. Here
The birthday boy woke up just before I left so I grabbed a quick shot! Love his matching shirt.

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